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Recovery Syndrome is a non-profit musical association from Fribourg (Switzerland). With 25 active members and 20 passive members, we have a lot of goals.  Active collaboration in the members' musical projects, participation in concerts in the cultural places of the country, setting up training courses in music open to the outside (instrument and song), organization of jam sessions and musical outings, here are the main activities of the association since its inception.


From rehearsals to recordings to video clips, we work above all in pleasure and good atmosphere. The goal is also to create quality audio-visual content by repeating known songs or composing ours. We like to go on stage once every two months to ignite the concert halls. The strength of this collective is the exchange of our knowledge, the passion for music and especially the desire to share it with as many people in the community as possible.


So you are interested? Because the association is open to new members!


Click on the heart of our profiles, it returns you on our creations and our networks

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Nadia Móran

Chant et piano, 31 ans

Je suis pas pianiste !

Je suis une dépianeuse !

Portrait (10 sur 13).jpg

Nadia Móran

Chant et piano, 31 ans

Je suis pas pianiste !

Je suis une dépianeuse !

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Benjamin Weissbaum

Chant et bass vocal, 21 ans

Je chante ce que je suis, je ne deviens pas ce que je chante

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Guitare électrique, 21 ans

Ich spiele nie falsche Noten, nur manchmal absichtlich dissonante Akkorde...

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Élina Pittet

Saxophone et choeur, 26 ans


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Abigail Faqekuqi

Chant, 18 ans

Salut !


Laura Guillod

Chant et piano, 25 ans

Chanter pour oublier ses peines, pour bercer un enfant, chanter pour pouvoir dire je t’aime mais chanter tout le temps

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Charline Joye

Chant et instruments, 25 ans

Salut !


Estelle Crettenand

Chant et piano, 24 ans

"There’s an untold story behind every favorite song !"


Yann Tekadiozaya

Batterie et ingé son, 27 ans

Follow the path of the unsafe, independent thinker. Expose your ideas to the dangers of controversy.


Marius Mattioni

Chant et instruments, 20 ans

On est pas là pour chier sur des cajòns.

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Nicola Durfournet

Guitare électrique

Salut !



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