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When do rehearsals happen?

The rehearsal room is accessible at all times, all week. Simply book the room in advance and a rehearsal can take place. We do not have specific dates or days of rehearsal, as we work in working groups and they each deal with their own rehearsal schedule.

When we have mandates and members register to give of their time (concerts, entertainment, etc...), each working group is managed by a coordinator. The work there is more intense and the repetitions are more regular.


Can we bring our own compositions?

For the moment, Recovery Syndrome mainly covers other artists. The composition is a plan for the future that should be realized next year. But there is nothing to prevent members from working together on their own projects. The room is available and it is sufficient to respect the material and the schedules proposed by the committee


What does the CHF 120. -- annual contribution include?

By joining Recovery Syndrome and for 120. - / year, you can

  • Rehearse at the studio all week and at any time

  • Use the equipment available in the room (instruments, cables, sofa, etc...)

  • Benefit from concert and event plans

  • Take training courses with professional stakeholders for free

  • Participate the jam session once a month

  • Receive content created during events (photos, videos, audio, etc...)

  • Have access to computer and audio recording program

  • Meet regional artists and musicians (address book)

  • Be promoted for your personal projects on social networks


How to join Recovery Syndrome?

To become a member of Recovery Syndrome, you must first fill out the form below. Once this is done, we must be notified by email. A reply of receipt of the form will then be sent to you. We give ourselves the right to give you a little audition in view of the strong request we receive. This one consists of a video performance. Then you will be invited to attend one of the Recovery Syndrome rehearsals to see if it really meets your expectations. You can then choose to join or not join the association, and if you decide to join it, you will have to sign a membership form and pay your membership fee.


You have to be from Fribourg to be part of Recovery Syndrome?

Absolutely not! We accept members of all cantons, of all ages, nationalities and genders. The only condition is to speak either French or English, because communication is done mainly in this way, and it is preferable to participate in the active life of the association.


How old I must be for the registration?

There are no age restrictions. Recovery Syndrome has a range of wisdom ranging from 16 to 41 years old! It is the sharing of knowledge and the desire to make music that brings us together.


Why the name "Recovery Syndrome"?

Why not;)! Recovery, literally, in English, means "recovery". Basically, our association picked up known titles and transformed them in their own way. Also, in English, the word taken over is called "Cover". So the "Recovery" expresses as a tendency to recover musical songs and do it to our sauce.

As for Syndrome, it is simply a term used in the medical profession to refer to a set of actions, thoughts and behaviours of a disease. So it doesn’t seem very happy like that, but we take it in the right direction, because we want to express the fact that we are touched by the disease of music. For the most part, it’s a visceral passion that we can’t help but do, and it’s kind of our therapy.

You now have all the informations to join the association!

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